Truly Brainy Solutions to Tough Supply Chain Problems

The Company

Erudite Inc. is a privately held company based in Boca Raton, FL, focused in the global cargo security and logistics market. 

Our mission is to provide practical solutions to shippers and logistics service providers that dramatically reduce the hard-dollar costs arising from theft, damages, and delays and to reduce Homeland Security threats arising from nuclear radiation and other contraband. 

Our strategy is to deliver innovative, patented products that are integrated to form a SmartContainer™ System. We do this through a combination of university based research, in-house engineering, and selective acquisitions of technology products and companies. 

Our solution includes security and threat detection, tracking and tracing, and documentation automation and efficiency; delivering substantial economic benefits to thousands of stakeholders within the supply chain, right down to the end customer. 





Director, Investor Relations



Charles (Chuck) Bailey

A talented leader and winning team builder with over 25+ years of experience in managing successful programs worldwide. A proven track record of strong problem-solving and decision-making skills with the noted ability to quickly and accurately develop and implement effective action plans within budget constraints. Recognized as joint logistics expert.

Authored the Theater Distribution Plan for all humanitarian supplies within 96 hours of arrival in Pakistan as the Chief of logistics for earthquake response. The Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Central Command, Pakistan, USAID, NATO adopted the Plan, and all relief partners to quickly provide immediate assistance for over 3M displaced people. Led a joint team of 20 people from several of these agencies to orchestrate force deployment and sustainment of 1200 US personnel, 24 helicopters, 2 hospitals, and 2 forward operating bases with refueling capability.

Directed and managed 130 programs in support of 28K military forces from Baghdad to the southern tip of Iraq in less than 6 months. Risked personal safety in combative and hostile conditions to ensure uninterrupted program support and services to soldiers in multiple locations while in convoy. Projects resulted in contract awards valued over $8.5M. Directed 8 engineers in the implementation and successive award of 15 reconstruction projects that boosted the Iraqi economy by $1.5M within 30 days. Additionally, led the stand up and execution procurement team of four people to procure over 1132 parts in support of a two month prototype for military vehicle production for up to 10K vehicles for a top 3 defense contractor. Historically this action took over 7 months and 20 buyers to achieve. This lean work effort succeeded in yielding all items on order for production with 80% less people and in 25% of the time.

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