Truly Brainy Solutions to Tough Supply Chain Problems

The Company

Erudite Inc. is a privately held company based in Boca Raton, FL, focused in the global cargo security and logistics market. 

Our mission is to provide practical solutions to shippers and logistics service providers that dramatically reduce the hard-dollar costs arising from theft, damages, and delays and to reduce Homeland Security threats arising from nuclear radiation and other contraband. 

Our strategy is to deliver innovative, patented products that are integrated to form a SmartContainer™ System. We do this through a combination of university based research, in-house engineering, and selective acquisitions of technology products and companies. 

Our solution includes security and threat detection, tracking and tracing, and documentation automation and efficiency; delivering substantial economic benefits to thousands of stakeholders within the supply chain, right down to the end customer. 





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The GlobalTrak system was developed by System Planning Corporation based in Arlington, Virginia. The goal of SPC is to help meet national security requirements through research and development of innovative high-technology systems. SPC plays a vital role in requirements analysis and development of U.S. national security initiatives with a talented staff that has extensive system development expertise complemented by strong problem solving and analytic skills.

SPC's expertise is broad based, ranging from high-level technology planning and electronic systems development to scientific, engineering, and technical assistance (SETA) support services. Our customers include many federal, state and local government agencies, major defense contractors, architectural and engineering firms, and other commercial enterprises. We provide our services internationally as well. We are a forward-looking company, meeting tomorrow's challenges by building on solid lessons learned over 35 years of excellence.

SPC's expertise in risk assessment and threat vulnerability led to its participation in Operation Safe Commerce II, where SPC was one of six companies selected to examine two of 12 supply lines into the United States from abroad. Experience from OSC II and the 35 years SPC has been in business led to the design and development of the GlobalTrak system.