Truly Brainy Solutions to Tough Supply Chain Problems

The Company

Erudite Inc. is a privately held company based in Boca Raton, FL, focused in the global cargo security and logistics market. 

Our mission is to provide practical solutions to shippers and logistics service providers that dramatically reduce the hard-dollar costs arising from theft, damages, and delays and to reduce Homeland Security threats arising from nuclear radiation and other contraband. 

Our strategy is to deliver innovative, patented products that are integrated to form a SmartContainer™ System. We do this through a combination of university based research, in-house engineering, and selective acquisitions of technology products and companies. 

Our solution includes security and threat detection, tracking and tracing, and documentation automation and efficiency; delivering substantial economic benefits to thousands of stakeholders within the supply chain, right down to the end customer. 





Director, Investor Relations



Yew-Seng Tan
VP Engineering and Product Development, Director

Yew-Seng Tan has extensive experience in the defense and security industries in program management, systems integration and product development.

His experience includes: Vice President of Business Development for Singapore Technologies Engineering / VT Systems, Inc., Chief Technology Officer for Lycos Asia and Country Manager for Lycos Asia Singapore, and 16 years of service in the Singapore Army in systems acquisition and maintenance of command, control and communications systems, and logistics.

He has a BSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MSc in Defense Technology (Weapons and Vehicular systems) from Cranfield University/Royal Military College of Science in the United Kingdom.