Truly Brainy Solutions to Tough Supply Chain Problems
The EAC is:

  • Smart & Secure
  • Stackable & Collapsible
  • 463-L ready and ISO-compatible
  • GREEN energy total life-cycle savings

EAC Disassembly Process

The Erudite All-modal Cargo System (EAC) is a revolutionary breakthrough in all-modal cargo systems.

  • All access is through the secure digital keypad.
  • When an EAC is loaded with cargo bound for a single destination and inserted into an ISO container for ocean shipment, the EAC can remain sealed and moved directly to the next mode of transport when the ISO container is devained at the port of debarkation. This avoids both handling delays and potential theft that now occurs when palletized cargo are unloaded, sorted, and repackaged to destination.
  • Filling the EAC to capacity before loading it into an ISO container can bring overall shipping capacity closer to the theoretical maximum. Currently, most ISO containers are loaded with pre-palletized goods and many are only 60% full.
  • The modular construction of the EAC permits damaged components (walls, top, base units, doors) to be replaced in the field, maximizing the time available for mission deployment.
  • Ordering options include high-strength ballistic cladding, and high-security intrusion detecting wire-mesh cladding.

When traveling by air, the EAC is compatible with the 463-L rail system used by the US Department of Defense and NATO allies. It also fits cleanly into nearly all commercial air cargo configurations.

By sea, the EAC fits cleanly into any standard ISO-intermodal container, maximizing the CUBE available for cargo.

On land, the EAC’s global communications and smart sensor suite keep HQ and logisticians informed of location and status of the container and its cargo.

Designed by USAF and Air National Guard load-masters, the EAC is stackable - and designed to recapture the empty space that remains above the open pallets and non-stacking JMIC containers. The large (80% height) EAC container weighs approximately 50% of the weight of a set of JMIC containers with equivalent cube capacity when chained together to a 463-L pallet, and 20% less than a Cadillac container.

The EAC is completely modular: the base, sides, doors, and roof can be collapsed and the resulting "knocked-down" container can be transported empty in less than 25% of the space of an assembled container, providing tremendous savings in fuel and space whether pre-positioning empty containers for loading - or returning empty containers following delivery of cargo. In the event that a component (base, side, door, roof) is damaged, the individual component can be removed and replaced in the field, and the container can be immediately returned to service - saving weeks or even months over the out of service repair cycle common with unitized containers.

In-Transit Visibility / Total Asset Visibity

EAC 40

EAC 80

EAC in Knocked-Down Configuration