Truly Brainy Solutions to Tough Supply Chain Problems

Erudite Fire and Water System (EFWS)

Military units that are deployed where replenishment by truck is an unsafe proposition depend on airdrop and cargo helicopter deliveries. This includes mountainous forward fire bases in Afghanistan and even certain urban centers still being contested by insurgent forces.

Getting drinking water and firewood to ground troops is a mission-critical task. Current systems are often damaged upon landing and the form-factor makes carrying the firewood and water containers difficult.

Enter the Erudite Fire and Water System (EFWS). A truly innovative solution, the EFWS features:

  • Each EFWS delivery package is sized to permit ultimate flexibility in final dispatch options: for air modes, the EFWS can be dropped through the side (parachute) door of airborne troop transport aircraft or troop helicopter, through the tail ramp of cargo aircraft, or sling-loaded beneath cargo helicopters; for truck or rail transport, the EFWS has a stable non-skid base.
  • The delivery package features a matrix comprised of high-energy absorbing corrugated packaging that collapses upon landing, protecting its fire & water tubes. All packaging material is flammable, and can serve as kindling for wood fires or as supplemental fuel.
  • A unitized fire and water system, configured to provide a day's drinking water and fuel for 2-3 hours of cooking and warmth in a low-light, low-smoke format. As shown in the cutaway view to the right, plastic water tubes are carried within hollow wax-impregnated fire logs that are opened with a manual latch.
  • EFWS tubes are sized to be strapped atop a field pack, and fire log coloration is compatible with both desert and forest camouflage BDUs.

The combination of EAC and EFWS meets the pressing needs of civilian emergency preparedness and disaster relief organizations as well. The concept that emergency supplies can be pre-packed in a unitized container that can be delivered in any mode, stored securely, and can globally communicate replenishment needs is a compelling proposition that will dramatically broaden Erudite’s product acceptance beyond the demands of the military.