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Low Cost Container System (ELCCS)
with Global Tracking​

Collapsible and reusable - The Erudite Low Cost Container System (ELCCS) is collapsible and its components are interchangable and reuseable. Tops and base pallets of the container are made from HDPE plastic and along with the sleeves are 100% recyclable. Sleeves are camo colored, triple wall corrugated board. All ELCCS components, including sleeves, can be purchased separately and are field replaceable.​

Global Tracking and Tracing Module​

For just $725.00 per Container with its Orbcomm SmartOne-C Asset Tracking Module, the Erudite Low Cost Container System (ELCCS) price includes 180 pings for Tracing and Tracking.

Available data feeds into existing Government Data Systems (RF-ITV, IGC, or ISDDC), and inventory tracking uses existing DoD Systems. Real time data allows tracking on any web enabled Personal Computer using the included Orbcomm’s Tracking Application.​

Camo colored ELCCS without Tracking & Tracing Module are also available for $225.00​.

ORBCOMM’s SmartOne-C Asset Tracker Module included inside each Erudite Low Cost Container System (ELCCS)

Erudite Low Cost Container System (ELCCS) with Global Tracking features:

    Unit Price:​
  • $725 per unit (FOB origin)​
  • Includes:​
    - Activation fee​
    - 180 pings​
    - Sleeve​
    - 4 way entry pallet forklift base​
    - Pallet top​
    - 8 locking Clips​
  • Base Dimensions:​
  • 48.75” x 40.625”​
  • Available Heights:​
  • 20.5”, 30”, 45”​
  • Stacks up to four assembled units​
  • Empty Weight:​
  • ~ 60lbs for 45” height unit

    Stacking Capabilities on 463L Pallets:​
  • 15 units high when collapsed​
  • 60 empty collapsed units per 463L pallet​
  • 2 units high when assembled​
  • 8 – 45” assembled units per 463L pallet​
  • Container Capacity​:
  • Each container can carry up to 2,000 lbs​
  • Bottom container can support up to 6,000 lbs when loaded and stacked.​
  • GPS Global Tracking and Tracing:​
  • Modular/Removable​
  • Low battery indicator​
  • Batteries easily field replacelable
  • Battery life: ~ 360 pings (1 year with 1 ping per day)